100 Yrs of Protecting Our Loved Ones

Creter Vault Corporation started five generations ago in 1918 with Philip Creter, a stonecutter, and concrete mason, in Irvington, New Jersey. The company provided masonry enclosures (outer burial containers) to support collapsing graves within local cemeteries. Over the years we have had tremendous growth, but Creter Vault has been and continues to be a family-owned operation.


Creter Vault has continued to expand its offerings. Under the leadership of Rich and Matt Creter, the company continues to enjoy a steady and orderly commitment to progress and is now one of the largest burial vault companies in the Northeast. We have provided and serviced close to 1 million concrete burial products for our funeral home and cemetery customers.

IN THE MID-1990's

IN THE MID-1990S cemeteries in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts began engineering burial fields for the use of pre-installed lawn crypts. Creter Vault immediately expanded its operation to not only manufacture these products, but to also install them. Some of these customers are the largest religious and private cemeteries in the country, and are still utilizing our services today


IN THE 2000S Creter Vault expanded its operation to veteran cemeteries as well as government and private plot holders. The expansion included the design, manufacturing, and installation of headstones, markers, columbarium fascia, and memorials. Flemington Granite and Architectural Supply was also formed to include residential, wholesale granite counter tops and carved architectural pieces. We furthered the development of our QA/QC concrete manufacturing program to include plant certification with the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA). We are one of only a few vault companies to achieve this accreditation within the US.

IN THE 2010S, we opened Flemington Concrete Products to supply concrete to the area and to increase our buying leverage. We started American Columbarium as a turnkey pre-cast concrete columbarium division that includes completed projects from 36 to over 1,000 niches. We co-developed the technology and manufacturing process to produce Concrete Lumber. Concrete Lumber is a patented prestress-reinforced structural cementitious composite that is strong, chemical free and low maintenance. It is an affordable outdoor alternative to wood,steel, composites, LVL,and glulams.


Creter Vault is a leader in concrete burial vaults, and various cemetery products. Our central office and NPCA certified manufacturing plant are located in Flemington, NJ. There are additional facilities located in Marlboro, NJ and Calverton, NY. Creter Vault encompasses over 45 acres and 69,000 square feet of manufacturing space and produces over 30,000 burial vaults, lawn crypts and niches annually, making us one of the largest burial vault companies in the country.